Kid-Friendly Household Products by KLYAKSA

Kid-Friendly Household Products by KLYAKSA If you have a child, you must pay special attention to choosing safe household products because your kid’s health is the top priority. You need to read ingredient lists very carefully to make sure there are no potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. Or you can just buy kid-friendly household products with natural detergents. Ukrainian brand KLYAKSA offers a line of such products.

Dr. BIO Body Care Products with Argan Oil

Dr. BIO Body Care Products with Argan Oil Most high-quality body care products are formulated with natural vegetable oils because oils provide the skin with essential nutrients, help to keep it hydrated, improve skin elasticity, and make it soft and smooth. One of the most valuable oils used in cosmetics is argan oil. Russian beauty brand Dr. BIO presents a line of body care products with argan oil designed for all skin types.

New Lactimilk Skin Care Products

New Lactimilk Skin Care Products Milk and dairy products have a long history of cosmetic use. For example, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I of England, and others have historically acclaimed the beautifying benefits of milk baths. Modern technology has made it possible to extract the most valuable ingredients from milk and dairy products and to use them to create effective skin care products, such as New Lactimilk cosmetics.

Pharma Bio Laboratory Bath Salt

Pharma Bio Laboratory Bath Salt Pharma Bio Laboratory Bath Salt has a 3-in-1 effect: it helps to relax, keeps you healthy, and has strong aromatherapeutic properties. Besides, it is natural and affordable, which makes it practically a must-have for at-home spa treatments. Let us take a closer look at the bath salts produced by Pharma Bio Laboratory and their useful properties.

Natura Kamchatka Hair Masks

Natura Kamchatka Hair Masks The nature of Kamchatka is severe, but the plants that have learned how to survive here have such a powerful vital energy that their useful properties are much more apparent than that of their more tender southern counterparts. The specialists of Natura Kamchatka have learned to utilize the power of Kamchatka plants for cosmetic purposes. This is confirmed by Natural Kamchatka hair masks.

Dishwashing and Cleaning Products by nO% green home

Dishwashing and Cleaning Products by nO% green home Various household products help to keep your house clean and your family healthy. Unfortunately, some of them may be harmful for human health and the environment. That’s why more and more consumers prefer safe and natural cleaning, dishwashing and laundry products. There are many brands that offer such products, one of them is nO% green home (Ukraine).

Natural Handmade Beauty Products

Natural Handmade Beauty Products More and more consumers today prefer natural and environmentally friendly cosmetics to mass-market beauty products which often contain potentially irritating or harmful synthetic ingredients. No wonder that natural handmade beauty products are becoming increasingly popular. What are the main benefits of such products?

Use and Benefits of Linseed Oil for Hair and Skin

Use and Benefits of Linseed Oil for Hair and Skin The useful properties of the seeds of the flax plant have long been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of conditions, first and foremost to lower blood cholesterol. Most applications of linseed oil exploit its polymer-forming properties, but it is also widely used as a nutritional supplement and a cosmetic ingredient. What are the use and benefits of linseed oil for skin and hair?

Night Facial Creams by Agor

Night Facial Creams by Agor Ukrainian brand Agor is known for its dry powdered cosmetics based on herbs and natural minerals. Recently, it has begun to expand its product line to include hydrolate toners, mineral deodorant sprays, anticellulite lotions, hyaluronic face serums, face creams, and other products. One of the brand’s new lines is NOTTE, it includes several night facial creams for all skin types designed to combat common skin problems.

Organic Baby Dish Soap: Safe, Natural, Affordable

Organic Baby Dish Soap Many parents prefer to wash baby dishes, milk bottles, pacifiers and toys using special dish soaps because the safety of their baby is above all for them. Baby dish soaps are free of aggressive surfactants and other harmful ingredients. They are easy to rinse off and do not irritate skin. Many household care brands offer safe, natural and affordable baby dish soaps formulated with natural ingredients and free of harmful substances.