Organic Kitchen Body Scrubs

Organic Kitchen Body Scrubs Organic Kitchen is a natural cosmetic series produced by the Russian beauty brand Organic Shop. It comprises over a hundred personal care products (creams, masks, scrubs, gels, butters, etc.) formulated with natural and organic ingredients. These products include, among other things, nourishing, moisturising, toning, regenerating, polishing, cleansing, refreshing and rejuvenating body scrubs.

Products branded as Organic Kitchen are popular among consumers who prefer safe, natural and effective personal care products with pleasant and unusual fragrances. They are formulated with natural plant extracts, oils and juices that contain a lot of vitamins and other nutrients important for skin and hair care. All Organic Kitchen products are free of mineral oils, silicones, parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and other potentially harmful or allergenic ingredients.

Organic Kitchen personal care products are packaged in compact 100 ml jars. Due to their small size, the jars won't take up much space in your bathroom. And you can stack them up to save even more space! Besides, when you use cosmetic products in small jars, you don't get easily bored of them. Compact packaging and a wide selection allow you to try as much products as you want and figure out which ones you like the best. However, despite their small jars, Organic Kitchen products last long enough for you to fully enjoy them.

Organic Kitchen offers a wide array of products for complete body care. For example, scrubs are designed for deep cleansing, they are typically used only once or twice a week. If you like gentle exfoliation, you can try out one of the brand’s scrub soaps. But if you're looking for a more pronounced effect, you'd better choose one of Organic Kitchen's nine body scrubs.

Cheerful Carrot Regenerating Body Scrub with vitamin B2, organic carrot oil, pumpkin seed oil and sea buckthorn oil is designed to deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is essential for maintaining the youth and beauty of your skin because it stimulates skin cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity and prevents premature skin ageing. Regular use of this scrub will make your skin soft, silky smooth and radiant.

Christmas Snow Refreshing Body Scrub is formulated with sea salt, peppermint leaf, iris root oil and cladonia. It excellently cleanses your skin and gives you a sensation of frosty freshness. You can use this scrub all year round, but it is best suited for summer heat when you desperately need to feel cool and fresh. The product also has a toning effect and helps to improve body contour.

Banana Mess Revitalising Body Scrub contains ripe banana flesh, organic vanilla, macadamia oil, shea butter, salt and poppy seeds. It cleanses your skin delicately yet effectively, improves skin elasticity and makes it look glowing. Regular use of the scrub will make your skin soft and smooth, its banana flavour will give you a powerful mood boost.

Reindeer Sweater Nourishing Body Scrub with hydrolysed cashmere protein, organic linseed oil, Chinese hibiscus extract, Siberian pine nut oil and coconut oil is perfect for dry skin. It effectively nourishes, moisturises and softens the skin. As dry skin is usually sensitive, this scrub is very delicate. It has a thick, creamy texture with tiny exfoliating particles that don't scratch the skin or cause irritation.

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Softening Body Scrub contains pumpkin flesh (in the form of pumpkin powder), calendula flowers, algae extract, argan oil and colloidal gold. The scrub has a revitalising effect, it will magically transform your skin and fill it with vital energy. Due to their high content of nutrients, the scrub's ingredients nourish the skin, making it incredibly soft.

Cheeky Maize Polishing Body Scrub is made with organic maize oil, hydrolysed wheat protein, avocado oil and mulberry extract. It has a light, creamy texture and contains very delicate exfoliating particles. This scrub has excellent moisturising properties. It removes dead epidermal cells very gently. Regular use of the scrub will make your skin soft and velvety smooth.

Yellow Sensation Toning Body Scrub is formulated with pineapple extract, organic pomelo, fresh lemon juice, shea butter and Persian silk tree flower extract. It provides your skin with vitamins, deeply hydrates it and helps to retain moisture. It makes your skin soft and smooth, improves its elasticity and has a toning and lifting effect.

100% Goddess Moisturising Body Scrub contains organic ylang-ylang oil, amyris oil, early-purple orchid extract and melon cactus juice. It makes the skin soft and silky smooth, improves its elasticity. Its exquisite floral flavour will transform your body care routine into a luxurious spa ritual and make you feel like an Olympian goddess.

Pink Sponge Cleansing Body Scrub with peony extract, organic rose oil, shea butter and safflower oil cleanses your skin as delicately as a soft sponge. Organic rose oil deeply nourishes and moisturises your skin, improves its elasticity and makes it incredibly soft. Peony extract gives the scrub a pleasant flavour that will lighten your mood.

You can find Organic Kitchen body scrubs and other personal care products offered by the brand in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a wide array of natural and organic cosmetics and safe household products that we are ready to deliver to any country within the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union. All you have to do is submit your order and our manager will contact you to discuss the details.

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