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Keeping your home clean is important to keep you and your family healthy. However, if you use mediocre mass-market cleaning products with aggressive detergents and surfactants, you may harm your health instead. Luckily, there is a wide range of safe household cleaning products. They are free of ingredients that are dangerous to human health or the environment, and thus can be safely used in every home even if there are small kids or pets.

You can make your kitchen, bathroom, floors, furniture and household appliances squeaky clean without using cleaning supplies that smell awful and irritate your skin. With modern cleaning products that have environmentally safe, biodegradable formulas you can clean your home without being afraid of allergies, skin or mucosae irritation. By the way, safe cleaning supplies are not so expensive as one might think. On the contrary, most of them are quite affordable.

There are a lot of safe cleaning brands that offer eco-friendly cleaning products. At our online shop Organic Store you can find brands such as BIO Green, nO% green home and Zero. They produce supplies for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, as well as all-purpose cleaners that excellently cope with greasy stains and limescale, making your home shine with cleanliness.

Natural household cleaning products are formulated with mild surfactants of plant origin, natural soap, baking soda, organic acids that occur naturally in fruits (citric acid, malic acid), chalk and other safe, yet effective ingredients. They cope well with the task of cleansing surfaces made of different materials (ceramic tile, glass, metal, wood, linoleum, PVC, stone) without harming your health or the environment.