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Pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty presents its new brand nO% green home. This is a line of cleaning products noted for their excellent environmental characteristics. Not only do they perfectly cope with their main task, easily removing dirt and grease, but they also help to protect the nature by preventing water and soil pollution.

Alliance of Beauty is a Ukrainian company that was founded in 2000 to distribute Belarusian cosmetics in Ukraine. However, the company’s founders did not intend to confine themselves exclusively to the distribution of products produced by other manufacturers. In 2004, Alliance of Beauty released its first product, a facial cream branded as My Caprice.

Three years later, Alliance of Beauty opened a pharmaceutical scientific research centre of the same name in the village of Synyak near Kyiv. The centre is a powerful production base that specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality personal and household care products. Today, the company offers an impressive selection of cosmetics, as well as safe, effective and environmentally friendly laundry and cleaning products.

Most mass-market laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids and cleaning products that can be found in chain stores are formulated with synthetic surfactants (surface active agents). Some of these substances are dangerous for both human health and the environment because synthetic surfactants do not decompose naturally. Instead, they accumulate in soil and water, contaminating them.

Household products by Alliance of Beauty branded as nO% green home (dishwashing gels, liquid soaps, cleaning creams) are formulated with natural ingredients known for their great cleaning and detergent properties, such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda, mustard, lemon juice, and marble powder. They easily cope with any kind of dirt, remove grease and stains, and don’t harm the environment due to their natural origin and good biodegradability.

While developing natural household care products, the specialists of Alliance of Beauty strived to achieve the perfect balance of cleaning and detergent properties, safety, environmental friendliness, and natural composition. nO% green home cleaning products contain more than 90% of natural ingredients. They are free of active chlorine, phosphates, parabens, synthetic colourants and fragrances.

Eco dishwashing gels by nO% green home excellently cope with dirt and grease in water of any temperature, making the dishes squeaky clean and shiny. Due to their complete safety, they are suitable for washing baby tableware, as well as hard-skinned fruit and vegetables. These dishwashing gels also help to take care of your hands due to containing glycerine, olive oil, chamomile extract, and other nourishing, moisturising and soothing ingredients. All products are dermatologist-tested.